Fantasy Fireworks Over Navy Pier

President's Trophy Winner 2015

By Jean Nielsen


Four times each year the club holds a competition for our members.  Each member may submit up to 4 print and/or 4 digital images for the general subject and 2 prints and/or 2 digital images for the "special" subject.

Prints must fit on an 11" X 14" mounting board; the rules for DPI images are a bit more detailed and are included in the member's handbook or by downloading them from the Documents page on this site. 

Winning images are awarded Honorable Mention or Award and one image of the month in both print and digital are chosen.  Top images are also entered in both CACCA and PSA competitions.

SCCC Calendar 2017/18
June 6

Riverside by Night photo outing

7:00 P.M. - Riverside train station

July 18
Share images from the outing

August 1

September 5
Sharing Our Images: members will share their images for discussion

On June 6 at 7:00 p.m. members will meet at the Riverside train station for a night outing in the village.  There are churches, the tower, the gas lighted streets, and the train station among other interesting subjects.  Grab your tripod and camera and join us.

Photo Outing

President's Trophy

In addition to the Special Subjects the club president chooses a subject for the president's trophy at the end of the year.  The images must have been taken in the year following the announcement of the subject.

Club Calendar

2017 - 2018

Please check this calendar for the latest changes, as things may change in the near future.  All meetings start at 7:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

Salt Creek Camera Club